A Coach’s Journey With Cancer

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Melford English, a husband, father, and Coach was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. O Girl Media is exclusively telling his story of faith and disease. Yes, men get breast cancer too.


Eight days after his last round of chemotherapy treatment, Mr. English and his wife Marlo sat down with O Girl Media to tell his story.


In March of 2017, Mr. English discovered a lump in his breast while doing a self-exam. He is a Type-2 Diabetic which means he had regular doctor appointments. It was only a month later after discovering the lump that he was diagnosed with HER-2 positive Breast Cancer. It is an aggressive form of breast cancer, but Mr.English discovered his early.


After 9 rounds of chemo, an 11-day STAPH infection, Mr. English is on the road to recovery. Watch his story to learn more about his journey with breast cancer. Yes, Men get #BreastCancer too.




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