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Happy 6th Birthday William!

October 18th, 2010 I became a mother to a 3-month preemie baby boy I named William. My son is a fighter, a survivor and intelligent boy. I have been his Mom for 6 years. For most in my family the time flew by, but to me I felt these 6 years. 

YEAR ONE: The first year was filed with sickness and hospital stays. At birth, my son was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) due to his prematurity. This issue landed us in the hospital many times. Luckily I learned how to manage it with breathing treatments that I keep year around. In his first year, William took therapy to help with his development. This meant weekly therapy for William and I. He thrived during this process. It was awesome seeing him make his milestones of crawling, talking and walking! Watch his first year of life!

YEAR TWO: William was well enough I could go back to work. Therapy was over! We were living in Mesquite as I taught school for the first time. I watched as he made friends in daycare for the first time. There were a few cute kids William developed close friendships with. He discovered his love of Thomas the Train that has lasted till this day. He still got sick at this age, but with less hospitalization and more doctor office visits. I still took off work some to tend to his sickness. William loved to eat cereal. I didn’t notice his picky eating habits at two.

YEAR THREE: We moved to the DMV! I watched William start daycare again! This time around more kids and staff that looked like him which was a first. At 3 I could see William should be a great student! He payed so close attention to his daycare teachers. I’d stand for a few minutes in his classroom before he’d ever turn around to see that I was there. His attentiveness To his teacher made me proud! For his birthday I bought him his first train set. It was the wooden Thomas the Train railway beginner set. I watched my son play for hours with that set, configuring the train tracks so many ways. William really loved snow and we had ample opportunities to see the white stuff in the DMV. But his CLD wouldn’t let him enjoy it too much. I rushed William to the hospital once while living here and it was horrible for the new job I’d started. A few months after this birthday I lost my job. Shortly after that I moved William back to Texas to stay with my parents while I tried to get settled, find works, basically regroup my entire life!

YEAR FOUR: For his 4th birthday William was living with my parents. I gave him a big party with my Aunts and Uncles as the guest. He had the same cake as his 3rd birthday! This was probably the most difficult year for us yet. Though we lived apart my visits were frequent and long, two or more weeks at a time. I wanted my son to enjoy the time with me but we still kept his normal school schedule mixed in with the movies and Chuck E. Cheese. This didn’t last that long as by summer we were prepping to move to NYC. William was sick a lot during this period. It was the same symptoms that come with season changes and his CLD. My son became an avid tablet user at age four thanks to his grandparents. I definitely would have delayed that introduction to technology from him awhile longer. But he’s handled it okay although he can’t use YouTube.

YEAR FIVE: William is a NY kid living in Mount Vernon, NY! Williams started a new school in a new state. He had some rough adjustments to the kids. William had been around my parents so much that he related very well to older people but not kids. I watched him learn to work on his social skills the first year in NY. Though in kindergarten, my son showed a keen interest in math and was able to take first grade math classes. He and I were so proud! I watched his vocabulary and math skills grow so much his first real time in school. He is a much better student than I was in school. I am so thankful for him being different. I’ve even got to see him follow in my footsteps, kind of. WATCH WILLIAM WORK!

YEAR SIX: Today is your birthday William! We have been mother and son for six years. It hasn’t always been easy but our love and God sustains us both! My goals as his Mom is to continue to love and encourage him to be the best version of himself. I also hope he continues his faith in God. Before school each morning we recite:

M: You can do all things

W: Through Christ!

M: You have nothing to fear because

W: God!

I always urge William to pray when he gets frustrated. To celebrate his sixth turn around the Earth, I interviewed William. My kid is pretty wonderful! Read our interview below:


                                                                                        William was 5-years old in the above pics. This was before his growth spurt.

Mommy: How does it feel to be 5?
William: I feel great because I’ve had five birthdays. And now tomorrow I will be 6.

Why are you so excited to be 6?
Because I am so happy and I get to be smarter. I’ve learned a lot about science and matter.

What changes do you expect there to be now that you are 6?
I don’t know if there will be changes. I’m hoping I get to have pets. I will run faster and carry heavier stuff.

What’s your favorite subject in school and why?
I prefer math. It’s my favorite subject.

What makes you so good at math?
I can add and subtract.

What are your birthday wishes?
I wish the devil was not real.
Everybody can protect themselves from anything so nothing could hit them.

Will you change as a 6-year old?
I don’t know if I will change. Maybe I will find out.

What do you think of your birthday?
I think I will have a Ninjago cake.

Anymore thoughts on turning 6-years old?
I am thinking about God because he protects us and created Earth.

What would you tell God about your birthday?
I would tell him thank you!


#OGIRLMEDIA Creator Olivia Sanders is celebrating her birthday in #HappyNovember! 


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  2. Arlene October 24, 2017 12:20 am

    The joy of the Lord is in your baby boy! Yay to year six! Keep showing him the way he should go and he will indeed continue to pray fervently.

  3. Elle (CleverlyChanging) October 23, 2017 8:58 am

    Your little man is so handsome. I have twins and we manage to have a party when we invite others every other year. So on the off years we focus on an experience with just Mom, Dad, and sister.

  4. Sapphire Kharyzma October 20, 2017 6:42 pm

    I love that William did an interview! Too cute. Tell him I said happy birthday

  5. Tiffany H. October 20, 2017 12:13 pm

    I’m glad to see and hear how far he has come, he appears to be coming along very well. I enjoyed his interview and I must agree, I wish the Devil wasn’t real as well. Glad you are teaching him about prayer, prayer helps and God answers prayers.

  6. Kirstin Fuller October 20, 2017 11:17 am

    Happy birthday William! I love seeing children thrive. You have a handsome young man on your hands.

  7. Stacie October 20, 2017 10:02 am

    Okay little evangelist! That’s so sweet to interview your son. Happy Birthday to him.

  8. Candice October 20, 2017 9:17 am

    LOL!! What a cutie. I love his answer about why he loves being 6 “…I get to be smarter” That’s my same reason I love being 40 😀 That’s right little man.

  9. Carissa October 20, 2017 9:09 am

    Great Post!!! And so cute!!! Happy Birthday!!! I hope he enjoyed his day!

  10. Mimi Green October 19, 2017 8:25 pm

    His interview is super cute. Happy Birthday William, my birthday was the 18th. We are amazing people.

    My daughter is 5 and she loves Kids YouTube.

  11. Joanna October 19, 2017 10:44 am

    My nephew was born on 10/14/10, so he’s a few days older. I hope he had a happy birthday. This was such a cute interview!

  12. Lia World Traveler October 19, 2017 8:56 am

    Great post, and cute pics. Parenting is different for all of us, for some the time flies for others its slow, all I know is I have to cherish every moment the good and the bad because they are only young once and we only have one shot to get this right!

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