Dominican Pride in New York City


O Girl Media attended the 2017 Dominican Day Parade, celebrating the people and culture of the Dominican Republic. In its 35th year the parade was attended by thousands who marched along 6th Avenue to the sounds of Dominican music.


This years theme “Nuestra historia, al ritmo de guira tambora y acordeon is an ode to the richness and diversity of Dominican culture. It’s a fusion of African, European and Taino roots. Dominican Americans are the fifth largest Hispanic group in the United States.


Dominican hip hop artist Mozart La Para sent fans into a frenzy for selfies and handshakes. The ROC Nation artist rode the NY Daily News float, rapping rhymes and celebrating Dominican pride.


The parade was a beautiful display of pride as the Dominican community came together! Watch our story below!



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  1. I love how New York celebrates so many cultures. I have friends from there. They always talk about the mix of cultures and backgrounds.

  2. I absolutely love the melting pot cities in our country. I grew up in the North East and spent summers and holidays with family in Brooklyn. I love seeing how our different Caribbean cultures are so unique and yet SO similar 🙂

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