Happy November! Celebrate With Me!

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I was born in November.

Legends are born in the fall.



I am approaching a milestone age on the 11th of November. As I look forward to the day I am reflective on my life thus far. The theme for this year’s birthday for me is CHANGE! I am seeking life-changing moments & opportunities for the last two months of the 2017 in terms of my media/creative output!

I have been thinking positively on the beginning of November and what it means for me. Mulling over my plan and wishes for this month has constantly been on my mind. Life for me has gotten stagnant in a cynical way. There is a struggle that is unseen when pursuing your dreams. The period of struggle for me has lasted over ten years. In those years I have given birth to a son, switched cities and coast a few times and even hit rock bottom once or twice. I’ve been unemployed. I’ve slept in the airport and train stations when life got too real. My difficult journey has given me a great perspective to report from. I believe I can talk to anyone! I strive to get them to open up to me, sharing their truth in the most in your face way. 

So for NOVEMBER, BABY!!!!!  I am expecting GREATNESS & even more spectacular things for December.


Reason One: I ended October with a bang on social media! Just look at the numbers on this ONE post from 10/31 across many social media platforms! I’m building on the momentum!

Reason Two: I participated in a wonderful webinar about #WhatsYourPlanB with NABJ to end this month! Read about it on my blog! Sorry it was for members only.

Reason Three: YOU! Your support has been greatly appreciated! I want to personally thank you for the likes, shares, follows, retweets and comments!

Following my passion for media through #OGirlMedia is not easy. I do not earn anything going out into the community telling OUR stories. However my love for storytelling is so strong I WILL continue. I know and believe that financial rewards will come for #OGM in God’s timing. To date, we have told numerous awesome stories on the site. If you haven’t read #BLACKSONSSPEAK you are missing out! I am planning even bigger story projects for the future. My survivors project about sexual assault will focus on men and women. My series on Entrepreneurial-ship will take me back to Texas to interview old friends. To complete these stories and more I NEED YOU!

Please consider supporting #OGirlMedia for my birthday?

The ultimate wish for my birthday are a few items to further help me create the visual stories on #OGM. I created the list on Amazon! The list is simple but represents the critical needs of #OGirlMedia! Will you consider making my birthday extra special?


Your support will enable our media team to continue to work diligently on telling stories that matter to OUR communities. Each item on the list will aide us in producing more content with branding being a key focus. I am ready to take #OGirlMedia to another level! Join me on this journey!

Don’t worry if you cannot donate financially!

Your support means the world to me! I would also love a special FREE gift for my birthday. Please give me the FREE gifts of sharing my content, liking my posts, tweeting my videos or commenting on my blogpost!

Pick one social media site. #OGM is present on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share, Comment, Like or Retweet 5 #OGirlMedia posts. Specifically share content that is created by my brand. Invite your friends and family to like my Facebook page.

Help me grow my movement of #OGM through social media. Your support of this free gift would have a huge impact on #OGM. Help me spread the word about the awesome work we are doing crafting unique eye catching videos!



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