Happy October! 

Just three months left in 2018!

What are YOU trying to accomplish?


My first blog post since February! If you follow me on Twitter, FB, and Instagram then you know I’ve been busy being a Mommy to an adorable two months old girl named Danielle. I have also been working hard covering new stories for #OGirlMedia!


Check out this car show in Mount Vernon!!

This month will be a busy one for me! I have to juggle #OGirlMedia stuff with tons of family birthdays! My mother, son, boyfriend, and brother all have birthdays. I can’t possibly celebrate them all properly, so I will focus on a school party for my son, wine tasting with my boyfriend, mailing a gift to Mom and a text message to my brother. #Groupon has become my best friend when trying to decide on gifts for my loved ones.


Baby Danielle is growing so big! She will be three months in just a few days!  We recently took some pics of her. It’s amazing to see how much she looks like her Dad. I prayed for that though. God has answered my prayers in Danielle. I am in the process of writing about her birth.


Almost three months later and it seems like just yesterday I gave birth to her.  Delight has filled my heart as I watch the bond grow between my oldest child William and Baby Danielle. Just look at these two cuties!!



I am excited for the new content I am creating for #OGM! Watch a short clip from my time at Mount Vernon’s Comic-Con




Mount Vernon Classic Car Club held their 7th Annual car show at Brush Park.






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