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Black Female Writer That Is Who I Am!

There was a call for Black Women Writers. It was titled “50in50: Writing Women Into Existence.” I had no idea of what piece to submit. I have written many poems chronicling the last few tumultuous years of my life. But I did not know what piece quite captured what it felt like to be a woman. Then I remembered and submitted the poem I had written entitled “Lost Slave.”

I was selected! My piece captures part of the woman experience. “Lost Slave” will be performed alongside 49 amazing, deep, emotional, beautiful and funny pieces written by women of color. I am so excited and thrilled at this recognition. To be a member of this esteemed group in 2017 is beyond anything I could have imagined for myself a year ago. It is a dream come true that I did not know I had. I am deeply moved by this.

Highly praised playwright Dominique Morriseau has teamed up with RestorationART, Billie Holiday Theatre and the Frank Silvera Writers’ Workshop to showcase the ground-breaking pieces.

“As Black Women writers, we fulfill a unique and un-duplicated role in theatre. We are telling the stories that represent us with balance and complexity and illuminate our side of the human experience, says Morriseau. 

A cast of wonderful women actresses will bring the 50 stories to life May, 14 at 3pm in Brooklyn in the Billie Holiday Theatre. Such names as Kristen Adele, Simone McKissick, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, Pauletta Washington and others will be apart of the 90-minute show.

I wrote “Lost Slave” after a breakup that left me feeling like I was recovering from heroin. It sucked so much out of me. Writing has always come easy to me when going through difficulties in life. Especially breakups.

The poem starts off simply with the line, “I wanted beauty to flow from me.” As a woman I take pride in my hair, my makeup and clothing when going places of importance. I will even spruce myself up for a trip to the grocery story. I wanted to give off this attractiveness that would pull someone in.

In the piece I discuss in abundance things that make me happy. I love performing poetry, attending concerts, traveling and a good meal. While the piece is upbeat and happy the ending lets you know that is not quite what happens.

No piece I write is complete without a Stevie Wonder reference. “I wanted to be happy till the end of an endless end.” Being in love makes me feel shy in my lover’s presence. Taking a line from Stevie’s song “Too Shy To Say” just fit perfectly for me. We always think we will be with the ones we love forever. But heartbreak is apart of life. Some people are with us for a season, a reason and a lifetime.

Read the poem “ Lost Slave.”

Be sure to purchase tickets for this wonderful event. Tickets are only $15. Celebrate Mother’s Day in the company of influential women!


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