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WATCH ME NOW on The Chew!

This all started as something fun for my boyfriend and I to do. Audience tickets for TV shows are free. Living near New York City gives us ample access to so many shows we couldn’t possibly try to attend them all.

My boo attended culinary school and has some interest in cooking. I grew up cooking with my Mom and sisters. The Chew seemed like the perfect show for our daytime date. We dressed to impress for the show. I’m always amazed at how my guy puts together his clothes. We definitely wanted to be bright, fun and SEEN!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was one of the two guests for the show! I was super excited! Having been an NBA fan my entire life I knew the legend but missed his playing days. We sat behind the tasters table, in the background of Kareem and enjoyed so much TV time. We walked away from the show with his new book about legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden.


A producer approached me as we were leaving the show area. He loved my energy in the audience and wanted me to return the next day for a special gameshow feature they were trying out. I immediately agreed, gave him my cell phone number and walked out the door smiling. “Producer Joe” called me by the time I was close to home. We spoke briefly and he needed to call me back. We played phone tag, he emailed me details of the show. It was an on camera role that required my name to be on the screen! I was excited, nervous.

My boo wasn’t as enthusiastic as me. While I was to be seated at the taster table they only gave him a Priority ticket which is the same as the audience ticket we had yesterday. I didn’t let that damper my mood. I knew how huge this was. The learning experience would help me in making O Girl Media a better brand. I was ready y’all!

The day of the show I arrived early and entered through a shady unmarked side door at ABC. Once inside security greeted me so I knew I was in the right place. Producer Joe met me shortly after I arrived and escorted me to the dressing room.

Once inside our dressing room, myself and two other ladies went through our questions, wardrobe, makeup and meeting with another show producer. ABC provided an awesome team of professionals to get us amateurs ready for the camera. I applaud their patience, work ethic and kindness showed towards us. The behind the scenes crews were so welcoming. I have attended TV shows at NBC and other networks but by far none can match the atmosphere created by ABC and The Chew.

From the beginning, till the end, they made the process so simple and magical. The ladies and I were given this fabulous yellow ZARA frilled top that I fell in love with. I wanted to take it home! But after the show we had to return the shirts. All is not lost though because I made my TV debut in that stunning piece of fashion. I’m happy to say we taped the show in one take. I felt my lines came out good considering it was my first time on national TV. See a few pictures from my time at The Chew.


My sisterlocks, the type of locs I have, were curled to the Gods on TV! Shout-out to my consultant! I represented them well! The food was great! I especially enjoyed the slider burger! Peaches never tasted so divine on a burger! I am now fascinated with the food combination of fruit and burgers.

I walked away with a swag bag of cookbooks by the chefs on The Chew. Chef Erin French who was on the show, also gave away her cookbook. Check out her restaurant The Lost Kitchen! It is booked well into 2018!

Before attending the first show, I had whispered a prayer to God that maybe something good could come it. I wasn’t sure of the how, but I know miracles happen. Indeed I was blessed by the experience in more ways than one. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Thanks to the staff of #TheChew.

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Got any questions about my experience? Hit me up on Twitter!

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