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Season 2 of this hilarious new Black rom-com premiers tonight! Whether you ended season 1, #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence or maybe you didn’t even watch, catch up briefly with my notes on Season 1. These are my random musings as I binge watched the show one weekend. I enjoyed watching the show. I was able to connect instantly with all the characters especially Issa, Lawrence and Molly. I’ve faced relationship issues similar to Lawrence and Issa, but I always put on my big girl panties and have the difficult talks with mine. Read about season 1 below and be sure to check out season 2 now on HBO!


Episode 1 

opened with Kendrick Lamar “Alright”😍😍😍
-definitely see myself in Molly straddling white and black worlds in the workplace. I’ve had to do that so many times.
-I miss my relationship with my friend I had like Molly. She stopped taking my calls and that was two years ago.
-Molly reminds me of a friend I had to let go. It’s all about her. Chill girl and share the spotlight with a sister who has your back.

-These outfits Issa! I’m not a fan. I don’t get her style but she owns it like a boss!
-I see my relationship in Lawrence and Issa basically dealing with the same stuff with my guy. No excitement more often than not and eye candy be tempting me and any other lady that feels like Issa did on the show. Look! Look! Wake up men! Men and women, holidays happen sporadically so you can step your game up in relationships. Use the holiday and spice it up or cop out to mass marketing excuse and your girl will be like Issa. Click To Tweet Trust me fellas. I know.
-Leaving Texas helped me forget the pressure to get married. Even now my family still pressures me from there. I’ve been with my guy almost two years. Like we good. Chill!
-The mirror talking is going to take some getting used too. I love the truth she shares.
-Issa needed to put her big girl panties on and have that talk with Lawrence. I totally hate how she is avoiding this! Not a grown woman move.
-I never liked clubs even with friends.
-I always declined invited to places like Issa and Daniel hung out. It’s never been my scene at all.
Never been to a hip hop open mic with poetry too. Hmmm…..
-Molly gave her the realist advice. Daniel was a good fake and Issa should have recognized him.
-Strategic use of music makes this show so much better. Eye candy on the screen and good tunes in my ears!

Episode 2 
-These Black t-shirts give me life! MJ Prince I’m loving the pro-Black wardrobe!
-Lawrence calling his boys highlights the lack of support for Black men even amongst friends. Black men need access to mental health care just like Black women.
-Do we really imagine millionaire celebrities in our private life in our intimate relationships?!! Issa pep talk with herself in the car was crazy! Love this girl!

Episode 3 
-Issa and her man sleep in clothes. What?😳😳😳 That’s a real intimacy killer especially if the couple has no kids and live alone. Sleep naked folks!!
-Lawrence is me. Gaps in resume and employment, him living off unemployment, me surving with other finances. That struggle is so real. It’s why I created O Girl Media. Tired of the rat race, working a job that didn’t utilize any of my skills.
-switch it up conversation with Molly and Rashida was eye opening. Being your authentic Self versus playing their game It’s a tough situation many of my sisters face in the work place.
-Molly treatment of Jarrod is why sisters are single. It’s not about being better or settling when we are all human beings capable of giving love.

Episode 4 
-shower scene with Issa and Lawrence was crazy awkward! My man and I shower together 98% of the time. Our intimacy is great!
-Rashida annoys me. 😡😡😡😐😐😐
-Django convo with Molly and date
-How many dates have we seen? Damn Molly! You can’t get it together?
-Issa seemed awkward and weird with Lawrence hard to believe they’ve been together for years. There is so much unsaid between them.
-Bank worker and Lawrence relationships is trouble! We have to guard against the bank worker and the Daniel’s of the world. I left a job because I know the men there were trouble. No other dude is worth what I have invested in my man. Guard your relationships folks!
-some things and people are better left to question like Daniel and the bank worker. The what if guy= let it go ladies! It’s not always better on the other side of the fence. Issa found that out too.

Check out Season 2 of Insecure on HBO, Sunday nights at 10:30 EST. I will definitely be watching!


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