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January came in here fast and furious! I started the year in Texas with my parents, siblings, boyfriend and of course William! We spent an extended amount of time in Texas celebrating Christmas and the New Year. As my parents get older, time with them is precious and my son NEEDS it. He is truly the apple of their eye! William loves Granny and Papa!


Also while in Texas, I worked on stories for #OGIRLMEDIA. No trip home is complete without grinding for my dreams and goals. I filmed three stories while there. The first has been released. Check it out here! Each story is different and features people who I’ve known for many years. I enjoy telling the stories of people who’ve known me since my youth.


Once I arrived back in New York, I had to get my son ready for his return to school and just recover from the trip. I was extremely tired. To make matters worst a severe snow storm was approaching the East Coast so I had to quickly prep for being stuck inside the next day. I don’t usually venture out into the elements unless it is absolutely necessary. I had a doctor appointment scheduled the day the storm started. Luckily it was canceled that morning.

By midmonth, I was making announcements! January was the month I let the world KNOW! Watch below!





I feel like a new me is emerging. My body is changing. I’m becoming a mother again for the second time. This time around the pregnancy has been drastically different than before. The biggest change is that I have the support of the babies father. We have been a cohesive team for two years and counting. Unbeknownst to him, I spent 2017 in prayer about another child given my age. I’m no spring chicken! The older I get, the more difficult it will be. I am very happy to be having this baby! “The D.O.N.” my babies initials will be a gamechanger in my life for sure!


At the beginning of November, I had no idea a little one inside of me. I remember becoming so tired during the process of the photo shoot with my boyfriend for my birthday. We later found out that month we were expecting our first child.

I had a bun in the oven in this pic and didn’t even know it!

In between my media duties for #OGIRLMEDIA, my time has now become filled with doctor offices and various appointments. This week alone, I gave blood twice in one day for different test the baby needed. OUCH! The baby is doing great! I am happy with the progress of the pregnancy thus far!

Needless to say, my life is now consumed with #pregnancystuff and #OGIRLMEDIA! It’s not a bad combination!



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