The Freedom of Dance

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I’ve always been a dancer. My Mom says I was never too shy to shake my little butt as a child. I grew up dancing the wop, the snake, the reebok, the prep and other dances imitating my older sisters. It was something I always felt good at. I did it freely whenever a song moved my body. At a summer program I attended we did a production of The Wiz. I got to dance in a few scenes!

If you can move your body, you can dance! You can do it alone or in groups, but you should always dance like no one is watching. Dance is freedom to allow your body to move to whatever rhythm you hear and feel in your body. No artist music moves my body like Fela Kuti. That man put voodoo in his music! No one can convince me otherwise.

As I’ve gotten older dance has meant other things to me, mainly freedom and stress relief. New York City has no shortage of dance parties. This summer I needed some stress relief and sun. I got both when I checked out Soul Summit presents The Harlem Edition. Did I mention I saw legendary director John Singleton there? Check out this story. I DARE YOU not to dance as you watch!




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